Free Trial Download of Greater Giving Event Software PC

Mission-critical for event night success

Greater Giving Event Software PC is Microsoft® Windows®-based and used from a single or networked PC. Event Software PC is mission-critical for event night success and post-event reconciliation-enabling staff and volunteers to deliver a speedy, pleasant guest experience at registration and checkout, and quickly process guest payments after the event.

Before downloading the software, please review the system requirements listed below. Do not download Event Software PC if the PC to which you plan to download the software does not meet these system requirements.

Event Software PC System Requirements
  • Windows® XP (Service Pack 3), Windows 7, or Windows Vista®
  • 60 Megabytes of disk space available
Special Note for MacIntosh Users Regarding Event Software PC
Greater Giving Event Software PC is validated and supported to work with PC Windows environments. We do not recommend using Windows-based software that runs on a MacIntosh in conjunction with Greater Giving solutions as some of our clients have experienced issues with such a configuration.